Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Always have a low-tech contingency plan...

Following the keynote address, Apple gives a copy of a "developer preview release" of the next operating system version to everyone attending the conference. Each of our badges has a barcode so they can scan them and make sure none of us gets more than one copy.

I was quite amused that their fancy barcode scanner setup failed entirely, and after a few minutes of the lines getting longer as the people waiting to hand out discs couldn't do a thing, a guy ran in back and grabbed a stack of hole-punchers so they could instead punch the badges of each person they handed a Leopard disc set to. They obviously had them available for just that reason, and it showed good planning!

Some links to stuff announced this morning...

Joe (another TidBITS contributor) and I are back in my hotel room at the moment doing some writing; there's nothing either of us needs to be at until 2pm. Check out TidBITS later for all the news!

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