Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Must've been a dream...

I have a clear recollection of being delighted to put on a pair of 36-inch-waist pants and discovering that they fit. (I've been wearing 38-inch-waist pants for the last several years.) But I know I haven't put on any such pants lately, so it must've been a dream telling me to be pleased with myself for losing weight and getting thinner. (But maybe I'll have to try on one of the two or three pair of 36-inch pants I still have somewhere, and see.)

I've been consciously going for Large shirts instead of XL recently; the staff shirt I'd selected for IC 2006 as "Large, or XL if they run small," was ordered for me as XL because that was safer... but it was way too big. I think they were cut unusually big, but I still like the ramifications. The pair of pants I was wearing Saturday night didn't fit me a year ago. (Officially 38-inch but odd clip placement, or something.)

Just have to remember to consciously keep eating less. For example, right now I have to resist the urge to get something to supplement the too-small piece of chicken I had for lunch. I don't need to eat more yet; I can have a snack later.

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