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Dinner with Dan

Dinner with Dan
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After realizing last night from Dan Dickinson's Flickr photostream that he was at WWDC, I commented that I'd have to keep an eye out for him... and I ran into him when we were both waiting for our food at the Buckhorn at the Metreon food court after today's sessions. We had dinner and caught up.

We'd both given up eventually on waiting around for the pizza that was going to be put out before the Apple Design Awards ceremony. They'd been mostly set up by 5:30, crowds were milling around the ready serving tables by 6:15, and when there was still no food at 6:35, I decided to go fend for myself. The pizza hadn't been that good two years ago anyway. It was really crazy how hundreds of (OK, probably a couple thousand) people were just waiting in the 2nd floor lobby area, ready to pounce.

The awards are neat, but not something I've felt need to be experienced live, and the annual "Stump the Experts" game is excruciating, so I headed back to the hotel after exploring the Metreon a bit. There's a Titanic Artifacts Exhibition on the fourth floor, and after i walked up, decided it wasn't worth $22 to see more than the handful of things in the entryway. I'm sure there are those of you who'd have paid to go in!

On the way back to the hotel, I went out the back way into the Yerbo Buena gardens that lie atop Moscone Center North's underground convention halls, which meant that as I approached the hotel from an unusual corner, I spotted the new Beard Papa's that opened in the back of the hotel a few months ago! It's a Japanese chain that's spread to the U.S. recently; I'd heard of them but never seen one. They have decadently good but simple cream puffs, and fantastic Japanese green tea.

After getting back to the hotel I tried watching a DVD of "Grizzly Man" I'd gotten from Netflix. Who suggested I watch that? I guess it was neat to watch this guy's interactions with bears before one of them mauled him to death, but not worth nearly two hours. His monologue while petting a tolerant fox reminded me eerily of Seann William Scott in "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back," and I couldn't help but wonder if that might be no coincidence.

So, down to the hot tub, where I tried to figure out what language a family on the other end of the (huge!) tub were speaking. It was more obviously German when they were in the pool and shouting at each other, and I got to contemplate where their accent was from. Probably Bavaria or thereabouts.

Looking forward to breakfast with Bogs, probably Thursday, and probably a drink with Dina and Marcus tomorrow night. Of course, I ran into Eric soon after posting that I hadn't yet! I've now seen (or arranged to see) all but two people I'm hoping to see this week.

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