Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Nice surprise!

Someone sat down next to me at lunch today while I was chatting with other people at the table, and it wasn't until a minute or so later that it registered that I was sitting next to someone I knew. Bill Garrison, who I essentially replaced at CIT when he switched to another job, and who has since left but recently returned for part-time Java programming, came out for the conference on his own.

We caught up over lunch, and then made tentative plans for dinner. We ended up going to Tadich Grill, the amazing seafood place someone (Tim?) recommended several years ago, that I've gotten back to on every visit since. They have steaks and chops (and a "vegetarian plate") if you're not into seafood, but if you are, that's the way to go.

Even found some gorgonzola stuffed olives for a martini at the Marriott's 39th floor rooftop bar, "The View," and snapped a few pics. I'll share them soon. Bill and I chatted for a bit longer up there, and I found out more of what he's up to, as well as more about his wife's veterinary practice in Spencer.

Briefly visited the hot tub on Susan's urging that "hot tubs should always be taken advantage of," before it closed at 11, and got out rather than resetting it for another 15 minutes when it shut itself off.

Breakfast with the Bogs is now Friday, and tentative dinner with Tom and Jude is Friday as well, then I fly back home on Saturday.

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