Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

What a great breakfast!

Dottie's San FranciscoOn the urging of TiVo diva Shanan, I went to breakfast with Bog and Aja this morning at Dottie's True Blue Cafe, a few blocks' walk. She said she can't eat there too often, and she'd just eaten there this weekend, or she'd join us. :-)

Amazing blueberry cornmeal pancakes from the specials board, plus a Louisiana hot link sausage. That was also part of one of the specials, but I asked if I could have one on the side, and they happily accommodated. I'm glad we got there at 7:30 (well, the Bogs showed up at 7:45); it had a long line by the time we were seated. The place is tiny, with around ten tables of two to six seats, and a counter with four stools. It all moves pretty briskly.

Just about done with everything at the conference, which I was surprised to discover ends at 12:30 this year. Previously, it ran until the end of the afternoon, so you either had to leave early for a Friday afternoon flight, take a late red-eye, or wait until Saturday. If I'd known it was ending so early, I'd have flown home tonight. But then I couldn't hang out with Tom and Jude and Dina and Shanan tonight. Tom and I are probably going to do a little sightseeing and hit an Italian oyster bar this afternoon, since he has nothing in particular to do either. I doubt many of the Apple crew are heading back to Cupertino for a few hours of work this afternoon.

It's been a good, useful, and yes, exhausting week, but I'm looking forward to getting home after a week and a half.

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