Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Fantastic Friday

Well, my attempts to combine plans across different sets of friends didn't end up working out so well, but I had a good day nonetheless. :-) The primary plan, to spend Friday evening with Tom and Judy, was accomplished, and in fact I got to spend all afternoon with Tom as well.

We walked from the convention center to my hotel to drop off my stuff, then walked up to Union Square and over to Chinatown, where we just moseyed for a little bit, not particularly needing anything. He wanted to try to find a fortune cookie factory he'd been to a couple of times before, and we were successful; I bought a bag of fortune cookies and a bag of almond cookies, and the lady threw in some baked-flat fortune cookies as well. :-) Very tasty, and I look forward to sharing when I get back.

From there we walked across to Swan Oyster Depot, a tiny seafood place that opened in 1912 and has just outstanding fresh seafood in huge portions. It was a late lunch, but we had a big meal anyway. Turned out dinner got delayed by a couple of factors, so that wasn't a problem. :-) The trip there took us over some of San Francisco's biggest hills, so we certainly exercised off a lot of what we ate.

We then walked past City Hall, and took a Muni over to the Castro area to look around a bit, then back towards Tom's house. Very nice house in the Golden Gate Heights area. Judy getting back from work later than planned, and Dina finishing up with her afternoon later than planned, and confusion over whether Marshall and Stefan were coming with us, conspired to keep us from dining with Dina, but at least I got to see her briefly! Then Tom and Judy and I drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin for a very good dinner at Buckeye. Shanan called while we were out there to say that she was finally finished with her day and still had to have dinner, and we probably won't manage to get together this trip.

I usually get to see Tom at least briefly each time I'm out here, but it's been quite a while since I've seen Judy, so this was a real treat. Dina and Shanan are now at the top of the list to spend time with next trip. :-)

I'm mostly packed, and I'll do a last pass through my laptop bag (my only carry-on) to make sure there's nothing liquid left in it, then it's off to bed. G'night!

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