Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


Awoken at 7:10 by a text message on my phone from I thought I'd kept declining their attempts to register me. It even appears to have been a "broadcast message," i.e. not directly meant for me. I'm going to send them a bill for $100 for waking me before I had to be up. No luck falling asleep again. It would even have been a full night's sleep if I'd slept until 8:30 as planned!

Tempting to pay one last visit to the hot tub, but probably saner to get my stuff together and get to the airport extra early. I have books to read and DVDs to watch, so especially if I can plug in somewhere, I'll have plenty to do if I need to wait at SFO for a few hours.

Thanks to willdevine for practically insisting it would be no trouble to pick me up at the airport when I get in late tonight! Arriving to find a friend waiting will be more pleasant than finding a cab, even if I would get reimbursed for it.

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