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Word is that sales at airport gift shops, food stands, and other businesses are through the roof, because passengers have so much time to kill. They're buying food, drinks, books, souvenirs, etc. An airport economy boost is a fun silver lining to the current mess! Things are pretty calm, if kinda crowded, inside the secure area at SFO. I'm next to Bill, a fellow WWDCer from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and we're both plugged in. There are lots of Mac laptops here. Not surprising; I bet lots of folks from the conference are flying back today.

I walked out the front door of the hotel at 10:24 for the 10:30 SuperShuttle, and the doorman asked what I was looking for. I told him, and he went bolting off down the block to stop the SuperShuttle that had just left. The next would probably have been along soon (at the very latest the 11:00 one, if this was the 10:30), but I appreciated the extra effort. The driver stopped and let me on, and I chatted with a couple returning to Philadelphia on the same flight.

Two women approaching the security checkpoint seemed to have missed the memo. They had partly consumed liter water bottles with them. They were on another line, so I didn't get to hear the conversation that surely ensued, but I can only imagine.

As I noticed when I arrived Sunday, there's a Peet's Coffee stand right by the US Airways gates, so I just bought a couple of bags of coffee. Mo, you can pick one and I'll keep the other! Also got a sandwich, which I'll eat in a bit, and a bottle of juice. The girl at the counter offered me a free cup of coffee, so I decided to partake. "Which kind would you like?" "I'll have the Sumatran, please." "We only have the Major Dickason right now." "Oh, well then, I guess that's the kind I'd like."

My flight from SFO to PHL is expected to leave about 40 minutes late because they were late leaving Philly, but they say they'll make up most of it in the air. If not, I won't make my connection. Tempting as it would be to rent a car and drive from Philadelphia to Ithaca, it seems impractical. Wish me luck. Will, I'll call you if anything changes!

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