Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Ready for more "Firefly."

"At what point does this stop being CPR and become necrophilia?"

- Joss Whedon

After seeing the movie twice in the theatre, I've had the "Serenity" DVD since it was released, but just got around to starting to watch it on the plane home last weekend. It works great on the 13" widescreen MacBook, but of course works even better at home on the 42" HDTV with surround sound, which is how I watched the last third of the movie.

It wasn't until after I saw "Serenity" that I dove into the "Firefly" series; a brief early exposure for some reason hadn't caught my attention, and I never watched more than half an episode of it. But even without that familiarity, I found that "Serenity" just worked for me.

So I've just finished watching all of the bonus materials, and I guess all I can do now is re-watch the movie with Joss Whedon's commentary turned on. Until they make more. I'm ready.

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