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Today was at best semi-productive, and quite chaotic. I guess the two high points of the workday were conference calls, the first as a member of the press talking to one of my favourite software companies about a product that's shipping in a week and a half, and the second as Cornell's Macintosh go-to guy talking to people at Apple about a software licensing deal.

Definitely felt like having hot food for lunch. Zipped up to Ling Ling to get some takeout Chinese food. The roads were a bit messy, but it's a one-minute drive. Vending machine wasn't even an option, as I had only $20 bills and not enough quarters for more than a candy bar. Mmm, chicken and broccoli with garlic sauce!

Late afternoon, Ron, who broke his ankle a few weeks ago and got the staples from the surgery removed today, asked what I was doing for dinner. How did I feel about picking up Chinese food (which they'd pay for) and bringing it out to their house and dining with Ron, Sue, and their three- and five-year-old sons? Oh, and their big dog, Casper! (He's a white German shepherd, and a real sweetie. Reminds me a bit of Asimov.)

Mmm, more Chinese food. :-) But it was a blast. I love Ron and Sue's kids, and if I got to help break up their chaos stream a little for a couple of hours, so much the better!

Sue's pregnant. Ron's still not going to be walking for weeks. Looks like I've volunteered for Christmas tree duty in about a week!

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