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Never heard that before...

I'm watching coverage of today's Atlantis launch preparations, and they just played a NASA announcement warning all KSC personnel, news media, and guests that, in the unlikely event of a launch accident within the first half minute, they should move as quickly as possible into an air-conditioned building or a bus or car with the windows closed.

Yeah, I guess in the event of a problem, there'd be lots of nasty fumes around the launch complex.

Ah, the announcer just explained that they make that announcement every time, and I've just never heard it before.

I hope Amy's parents are enjoying their visit to KSC today. :-) They're still more or less expecting to launch, despite the sensor malfunction. I suspect they'll make a final decision later; the consensus seems to be that they can fly without that sensor working.

Godspeed, Atlantis!
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