Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

That took longer than I expected!

The projector or film or something broke at the always-an-adventure Fall Creek Pictures, so the 7:15 showing of "Hollywoodland" started at 7:40, delaying the evening. I then went back to Beth's place to try to help her delete some files from her laptop that were really resisting being deleted, and ended up not getting home until after midnight! So much for the plan to go see the Travis Rocco Band.

"Hollywoodland" wasn't a bad movie, but it also wasn't a good one. I felt as though there wasn't nearly enough story to fill a two-hour movie, so they invented a new main character as well as a family and backstory for him. Adrian Brody did a good job portraying this fictional character amidst the more-or-less real people in the movie, but I wasn't there to see him. I was there to see Ben Affleck and Diane Lane play George Reeves and Toni Mannix, and they were quite good. Lane especially.

The movie just didn't rise to the level of feature film; I might have bought it as a one-hour A&E special looking at Reeve's semi-mysterious death. I'll probably write more about this soon.

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