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Yes, yes, I know everyone. Those of you who've been out in public with me know that it's impossible for me to go more than ten minutes without seeing someone I know, and there were lots of people I knew at the Ithaca Farmers Market today. I expected to see Beth, who'd said she was coming by after karate, and it was nice to see Jacqui with her. Got to meet Zac's wife, Julie... who looks a lot taller in the photos. :-)

Eva was there meeting friends, Johnny Russo and Doug Robinson were playing some fantastic jazz (I bought their latest CD), I saw Sheila helping out at the Black Diamond Farms booth, Dick Cogger was down there, I saw Stephen and his wife, spotted Mariah from a distance, and so on, and so on. Apologies if I saw you but forgot to list you here!

It was fun talking on the radio about all of the wonderful garlicky goings-on at the Tomato and Garlic Festival (you can still go tomorrow, 10-3!) and interviewing a couple of folks on the air. I left with a couple of bottles of local honey (which is very good for your immune system) and several fresh apples, and had some great food there, as well. I love the peanut lime noodles at Macro Mama's, and was pleasantly surprised to see Pat Castrenze working there. He says hi, Mikey! Also got some corn fritters.

Dropped Lauren off so she could head out on her afternoon jaunt to Seneca Lake, and then Dan and I decided to check out the Ellis Hollow Fair after returning all the gear to the radio station. The fair was nice and crowded (you still have a half hour to get out to Genung Road if you're so inclined) with fun stuff to look at. I managed, if only barely, to resist the impulse to adopt one of the SPCA dogs, and Dan was very impressed with the Varna fire department's extraction demonstration. They tore up that car pretty thoroughly! Ah, memories.

Enjoyed some of the fair BBQ chicken on my deck, and it'll be time to pack up shortly to head to this afternoon's Accord meeting. Hope you're having a good weekend, too!

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