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Car leasing shenanigans

I called Bank of America to extend my car lease a month, since I'll be away for a week and a half...

"Sorry, since you live in New York, we can no longer extend your lease. New York and New Jersey now force us to charge a fee to extend a lease, and since your lease agreement says we can't do that, we can't extend your lease.

So he told me I could return the car early... but I said I kinda need a car when I get back, and I don't think I can complete the new car transaction before I leave. I added that I'd been told a few weeks ago by his company that I COULD extend the lease, so I wanted to take them up on that. And if they couldn't charge me, so they had to give me the car an extra month for free, that was fine.

He said they couldn't do that, BUT, if I simply didn't return the car, they'd simply send me a bill for one more month's payment. He couldn't tell me I COULD do that, but this is simply what would happen if I happened to not return the car. No penalties. No fees. No criminal charges for grand theft auto.


So if they come after me, I talked to Jim in the Buffalo office the morning of January 8th, and they can't back out on me again. :-)

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