Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

No, not that Kevin Smith...

The five weeks since Kevin's birth seemed like much longer, since I was really looking forward to seeing him and his parents, my friends Jesse and Teri Smith. Visiting them as part of the weekend trip to Maryland for the Region 7 Holiday Party seemed like a great idea!

Kevin is absolutely adorable, and while he fusses a little, he's very well behaved and happy. (I figure a little fussing is every baby's job!

Teri and Jesse both look great, though Teri says she's still a tiny bit sore. They're waking up a few times a night, but they seem to have settled nicely into a pattern of taking turns feeding him.

Joy and I stayed at their place Friday night at Teri's insistence; I had figured the last thing they needed was houseguests, but Teri said they were delighted for adult company. The dogs were certainly very happy to see us. They must be starving for attention now that this new competitor is around. Teri and Jesse of course are still paying attention to them, but it must seem like much less. I've always loved Buster and Teddy and Jake (especially Buster, but don't tell the other two), and Joy hit it off quite well with them, too.

I told Teri I wanted to cook dinner for them, and she had no objection. (That's something I've been meaning to do for years!) I brought along a box of Omaha Steaks, which defrosted partway in the car ride down, as I expected. Marinated them once we got there, in a reasonable facsimile of my usual marinade using whatever Teri had on hand. (One of the secret ingredients I'd brought along in my flask. The other I knew they'd have in the basement refrigerator.)

We also made garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli, and had it all with salad (from a bag) and biscuits (those layered Pillsbury frozen ones).

After dinner we vegetated and relaxed and played with the dogs and the baby, and also watched Goldmember. Stupid movie, perfect for a relaxed evening.

Kevin fell asleep in my arms, despite all his best efforts. ("No! Mustn't let sleep take over! Must... stay... awake! Must st.......") My cousin's husband, Rob, thinks I have magic arms, after he jealously watched his son Noah fall asleep as I rocked him when he was a baby. The rest of us went to bed, too, and while Jesse and Teri said Kevin woke up once or twice in the night, I slept well.

Jesse made cheese omelets in the morning (we all forgot about the leftover steak, which we were talking about cutting up) and we had Teri's favourite chocolate chip bagels.

Then, Joy and I headed for Virginia to visit her friends Heather and Keith.

More later!

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