Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Great wedding!

I spent yesterday traveling down to, and in, north-central PA for Theresa and Scott's wedding in a beautiful church in Mansfield. Two of the chaplains from Cornell participated in the ceremony, making it a bit more personal for them, and even for me, than it otherwise would have been. (Though Theresa's family goes to that church, so I wonder if the local clergyman felt left out!)

I sat with Jim and Matt while their wives participated in the ceremony, and after a little while, I noticed from the memorial plaques on the pew in front of us that we were sitting in seats that were dedicated in memory of Theresa's father and brother.

Jim was playing drums with the band, so I spent lots of time with Laura. At one point while she and I were out on the dance floor, I noticed he'd found a sub and was sitting at one of the tables, so I motioned him over to cut in. He sidled up and started dancing with me. :-)

One of Theresa's nephews was amusing, yet annoying, in that way that 14-year-old boys have a knack for. He's one of seven (eight?) tall and attractive kids in Theresa's sister's family, ranging in age from late 20s down to about 10, and there are nieces and nephews of varying ages in Theresa's other siblings' families.

The reception was at the Elmira Holiday Inn, halfway between the family homestead and the friends in Ithaca, so the trip back at the end of the night was shorter! I was really impressed with how the hotel did. The food was outstanding, and the service was good. Apparently they charged $18ish per person (the champagne was purchased separately and the bar charges were separate), and everything else was included... and the hotel threw in a complimentary room and breakfast for the bride and groom!

More later... gotta be somewhere in less than an hour!

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