Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Sleepy Sunday afternoon...

I'm letting the sun on the front of the house warm it up, with all the blinds open... should reduce the need for heat overnight, despite the expected dip to 30. Meantime, I'm watching some football... the Jets-Dolphins game isn't all that exciting, so it's just on in the background, but I really enjoyed the Eagles-Saints game!

Today's brunch meeting at Alan's was fun and tasty. The cider and coffee I brought went over well, even if no one was interested in the granola bars or cereal bars. I guess I'm going to need some more food soon. Maybe something small before I head over to BFG, and then a [info]Juna's wrap there. I'm emceeing the announcement of the winner of the 8th annual Best of Bound for Glory Award tonight around 9:15. Join us!

The TiVo wanted to change channels to record "Dead Like Me," so I let it, and switched to HD. Yay, HDTV! Too bad this show was cancelled. I want more. I think at this point I've seen every episode twice or more.

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