Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

What's that boat doing there?

I guess the dream I remember from last night was a continuation of last night's Zinck's alumni gathering at the [info]Ithaca Ale House. Chris had been at the event (no, not you, the other one) and showed up in the dream, in which we were sitting at a not-crowded bar. Then the Coast Guard cutter pulled up outside the windows (kinda like the sunroom windows looking out on the inlet at Bistro Q) and Dave (no, not you, the other one) was on the deck, hosing it down.

Zinck's was a lot of fun, and was well attended, with a number of folks who rarely make it to events. Staci (who's in the middle of harvest season and has been too busy for much) brought Alexi (who's visiting from out of town) with her, and the three of us ended up getting dessert across the street at [info]Just a Taste after everything settled down. Great cornmeal shortcake!

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