Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

It's Kendra's fault...

I just e-mailed the guy who's in charge of the local Guiding Eyes puppy-training program. I'm not sure I'm ready to really train a puppy from scratch, but if I want to do that, training a service dog means getting an enormous amount of advice and support. (And it means my dog gets to go wherever I want. "No dogs allowed" rules don't apply.)

Today I got up feeling the need for a Proper Breakfast, so I defrosted a package of Mo's thick-cut local bacon, fried some, and made scrambled eggs and espresso. I turned the espresso into Caffè Americano by watering it down a little; a mug of espresso straight seemed like a bad idea. :-)

Once in a while, I'm really glad for the habit, probably learned in cooking workshop at camp, of breaking eggs into something else before putting them in the pan. The first egg discharged a greenish, smelly liquid into the cup. Yick! If I'd stuck with my original impulse to make fried eggs, and had broken the egg directly into the pan with the bacon, I'd have been tossing out more than one egg.

Just watched this week's "Grey's Anatomy." Do we know the youngish doctor who was giving Bailey a hard time in the M&M?

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