Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Silver lining...

The upside to having to schlep onto campus for today's noon meeting (other than the fact that they provided pizza as an apology for having a lunchtime meeting) was getting to see that there was some sunshine peeking through the clouds. Otherwise I might have sat in the basement all day, thinking it was still as overcast as when I came to work. :-)

It was still cold, but the broken sun made it a lot less bitter than it would otherwise have felt, as I walked over to CCC from my parking spot.

Another upside... giving Tim a ride out to Maple on my way back. He's a fraternity brother whose desk used to be right next to mine when I started my job six years ago, so I got used to staying caught up on his life.

While I'm on the happy-stuff kick, I really enjoyed my relaxing weekend, nearly all at home. I think I only left the house for Saturday night's hockey game, an 11-1 drubbing that was an absolute blast to watch. (Those poor York players, though.) Even got to see stephania1186 and her beau.

In addition to a lot of TV catch-up, I read about half of Wings to the Kingdom, Cherie Priest's newly released novel. I'm really enjoying it, and if you like mysteries, ghost stories, southern goth tales, or even better, a combination of all three, so will you. It's got one little style oddity that's driving me nuts (at least it's consistent), and one paranormal plot device that makes me roll my eyes, but I'm not letting those factors slow me down.

And now, I think it's time to go home, eat the rest of yesterday's leftovers, and settle into the living room chair to read the rest of the book. (Though I might peek at Monday Night Football, especially if joyouspain wants to come watch. I love watching the Cowboys suck.)

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