Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


I'll get to watch the Ravens-Saints game (Go, New Orleans!) via KCBS this afternoon. Thanks to John for pointing out the weekly coverage maps that reveal which games are being televised where, and what areas are blacked out. Doesn't look like any of my channels get the Pittsburgh-Oakland game at 4:15, but I can survive without that. Certainly not interested in the Jets game.

Made a good breakfast sandwich on one of the remaining wheat rolls before they get stale, featuring the last three fresh eggs and thick-cut bacon, with a slice of swiss. Mmm.

A relaxing day is definitely in order. Presently watching a "Liberty's Kids" cartoon that was coming on just as I turned on the TV. It's animated Revolutionary War from a youth perspective, featuring the voices of Maria Shriver, Walter Cronkite, Annette Bening, and other notables. How odd.

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