Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Ron Moore and Dinner and Ian

One-time Cornell student Ron Moore, executive producer and screenwriter of "Battlestar Galactica," spoke on campus this evening, so a bunch of us went to see what he had to say. He's a very good speaker, and handled a lot of Q&A well afterwards. I got the feeling he would have kept taking questions for another hour, but they had to clear the theatre for a 7pm movie screening. He hadn't been back to Ithaca in twenty years, but I'm hoping he doesn't wait as long for his next visit.

I had actually interviewed Ron for a fan newsletter on the order of fifteen years ago, and he even subscribed, giving me his private mailing address but asking me not to share it. I remember him being well-spoken then, too, but I think he's clearly come a long way in his vision and the way he executes it.

As a producer of "Star Trek" and "Carnivale," he's had some practice with future and past, so I asked him if there are any other past, historical periods he'd like to explore in a future project. He said he's always wanted to do something about Benedict Arnold, but no one seems ready to bite. Everyone knows the name, but very few people know all that much about the man. He was seeing the daughter of a prominent Tory family, which you can imagine would have had a lot to do with the choices he made.

After the talk, Dan and Marie and Dave and Will and I headed down the hill for dinner at the [info]Ithaca Ale House, where we were joined by Alex and Denise. I was really pleased to see the chicken stirfry spring rolls have been added to the menu! Those are spicy and crisp and delicious, and you should try them. Carl had sent these out for Molly and me to try several weeks ago when he was testing them, and I'm glad they finally made it to prime time. Four of the seven of us had the chicken fried steak special, which was outstanding.

Denise had poor Ian's collar in her pocket. I had known he'd vanished a few days ago, but I was hoping to hear he'd wandered back home. Unfortunately, as I learned this afternoon, he's not coming home. I was really upset by the news, and went for a walk rather than continuing to sit at my desk. As I thought about it, I figured Ian's probably the cat I've gotten to know best, since Denise got him when we were living next door, and I visited lots, played with him lots, and took care of him when she was away. He was sweet and annoying and fun and a pain, and I'm going to miss him.


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