Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

A good Samhain to one and all!

It wasn't until I pulled into the bank parking lot that I realized why my eyes were irritated. It wasn't that I was wearing my glasses for the first time in a long time (I generally don't need them, but have them for distance when I want to see really clearly). It was that I was wearing them instead of the sunglasses I would otherwise have put on the instant I walked outside.

Deposited the belated check from an article I finished four months ago (had to send my editor a reminder copy of the invoice a few weeks ago) and the $1.59 dividend check from one of my stocks (woohoo!) and got some cash, then headed over to the Rite-Aid to pick up some candy. It's going to be nice out and pretty warm this evening, so I bet the trick-or-treating will come in heavy waves for three hours.

Speaking of the Rite-Aid, the new store across the street from East Hill Plaza was scheduled to open Thursday morning, but they had to push it back a week. Apparently they couldn't get a certificate of occupancy because of a lack of sprinklers! How do you build a new building without knowing exactly what an inspector's going to need to see?! So, the old store, which was supposed to close tomorrow night, has pretty slim pickin's throughout. There were already some empty shelves last week. I wonder if they're going to do any restocking... or maybe bring a few cases of stuff across the street from the store they can't open.

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