Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Gorgeous day for a drive!

Getting up so early this morning wasn't a treat (snooze button, snooze button), but it meant I got to enjoy some early morning sunshine and a beautiful drive to Rochester and back to drop folks at the airport. The bright sun made the lake really shiny and pretty, and there were lots of browns and oranges and yellows to balance the striking blue sky.

I briefly considered stopping at the big truck stop just before entering the Thruway for coffee and breakfast, but figured that the Thruway service area a few miles west would be quicker. That was my first mistake! We arrived there just behind a busload of senior citizens, all of whom were lined up at the Dunkin Donuts... the only open food option. Had the Roy Rogers also been open, both could probably have handled the mob, but as it was, it looked as though waiting behind 40-50 people in line wasn't going to work. We got back on the road, knowing there's another service area before Rochester.

Well, that didn't work either. Just as we approached that next service area, we realized all of the eatery placards had been taken off the big blue "service area ahead" signs, and then on the last sign, saw the bright orange "limited services available, restroom and fuel only" sign. *sigh*

We probably passed lots of places we could have stopped for coffee and food once we got off the Thruway, but nothing was really visible from 490 or 590, and there are no handy signs to tell you what's off each exit. We just headed straight to the airport, getting them there a half hour before the already-conservative 10am target, and I figured I'd get something on the way back. I also considered trying to find the Krispy Kreme, but decided it would be safer not to. And, I considered trying to find some area friends who'd want to have breakfast, but I figured a) everyone would be at work, and b) I should get back and get to work myself.

The Roy Rogers at the first eastbound service area was open, and I had a very tasty sourdough egg, ham, and cheese sandwich. That's all the menu called it, but the people at the register kept shouting "Frisco!" into the microphones when people ordered those. Why don't they just put "Frisco" on the menu with the little description underneath? And I got a cappuccino at the Starbucks.

On the way back into town, I stopped at Taughannock Falls State Park and snapped a few lake photos, then did the same at Cass Park. Took the opportunity while down the hill to swing by the dealer to have them replace my burnt-out license plate light (the car's been griping about it for weeks), and then check out the new Sebastian's Cocina eatery on Taber Street. Tasty lunch! More on that, and photos, later.

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