Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

So much for shopping

I was kind of planning on hitting Borders to pick up a couple of things this afternoon. After brunch at Q, kinnerc suggested that I hit the newly opened Barnes & Noble, since it would be easier to get to than the mall.

So I zipped south and tried Barnes & Noble. Not much luck there. It's a very nice-looking store, and I'm sure there's something there for many folks, but they managed not to have anything that interested me.

I started out at the customer service desk to ask if they accept competitors' coupons, since I had a 10% off the total purchase coupon for Borders. The man there seemed very nice, but uninterested in finding out the answer. He told me he didn't know, but maybe a cashier would.

I wandered into the music and DVD side of the store, to poke around. There's a cashier right there, and she didn't know, either. But she at least asked someone, who said the answer was no.

It's kinda just as well, since they didn't have any of the three things I expressly wanted, and would have bought on the spot.

So, up the hill towards Borders. I ended up bagging that idea, since the left turn lane onto Triphammer Road was backed up all the way to the highway, and I'm sure getting into the mall parking lot would have been quite unfun. I soon slid into the right lane and went home instead. Maybe I'll try later.

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