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My day has been all about interruptions, so far! I was woken up at about 8 by an autodialer with a pre-recorded message from DISH Network, for starters. It's basically the same information they e-mailed me a few days ago. (Bad news; they are probably going to have to turn off my distant network feeds effective December 1st, thanks to a recent court ruling.)

I tried for a little while to fall asleep again, but it wasn't working. I read some of last week's Newsweek in bed until I got another call shortly before 9 from Dan, about available tickets for an upcoming hockey game.

Then I was about to hop into the shower when Phil called, frantic because the telephone hookup at the radio station wasn't working, so the live broadcast he'd sold an advertiser wasn't working because the DJ couldn't talk to the person at the location on the air. I was the only person he could get hold of who he thought had a chance of getting it working.

So, I took a 30-second shower and headed down to the radio station. Got it working. Went from there to the P&C, to swap a bottle of salad dressing I'd gotten that had a broken cap under the plastic band. They were out of that item, so I got my money back. They were having a crappy day; all of their coolers from the salad bags around the building to the seafood department had died, so they had to pull a lot of food. Everything was back on and they were restocking, but things looked pretty thin.

Grabbed a kafta and tabouli pita at the Corners Deli (Sam and Alice say hi, Jeff!), then visited Heinlein for a little while. Now back home thinking I should get some raking done while it's dry out.

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