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Long Point Winery dinner

The Barn
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I love the barn across the road from Long Point Winery. I'm not sure whether it's in active use (though I'd guess so, since it looks like there's farm equipment parked underneath) or how old it is, but it lends the place some character that the corrugated metal main building lacks.

This afternoon was spent at the early seating of Long Point's Wine Maker's Dinner, instigated by one of my long-time colleagues. Jim (who actually hired me for my first post-college job) got about a dozen folks together for the event, most of whom I already knew, or at least knew of.

The conversation roamed far and wide, lubricated no doubt by the good wine, and there was fantastic food to soak up the alcohol. The dinner was catered by Fabio's, and I recognized the style... fresh food with northern Italian inspiration!

I took lots of photos today, including plenty of good food. Again, I had great weather for driving up the side of the lake, and took advantage of the light to get some interesting shots after the dinner.
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