Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Meet my friend Toby...

Mark and Toby
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No, I haven't gotten a kitten. I'm still allergic to them. But I got a chance to meet this one last night, after taking appropriate pharmaceutical precautions! She's adorable and inquisitive and bouncy, and about six weeks old.

My apologies to those of you I've been stringing along for the last week! In case you're desperate to know, the original Halloween costume plan was to be Clark Kent. It would have been more obvious with the blue suit, white shirt, red and blue striped tie, and if that didn't do it, the Superman t-shirt underneath it all. But even without those clues, emaline412 managed to guess! (Looks like you don't suck at Halloween after all!)

Clark Kent was by far the most frequent guess, so I suppose I didn't do too badly.

I've been shaving since; we'll see how long that lasts. Unlike the last time I shaved the goatee off, a little over two years ago, the face that looks back at me from the mirror looks like me. Wonder why the difference.

Should I take the free sample Gillette Fusion razor that arrived in today's mail as an omen?

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