Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I suppose I should go to sleep!

An exciting night helping WVBR cover tonight's Ithaca and New York midterm election results. Republican Party HQ isn't my favourite place to be assigned, but I managed. I was actually really pleased with my on-air interview with Jim Rohan, who lost in his bid to unseat Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton in the 125th District. He was a delight to chat with in a room largely full of increasingly morose folks.

Unfortunately, I wasn't drunk enough (at all; I didn't want to drink on the job) -- or free to socialize enough -- to appreciate the drunk, blonde charter pilot half hanging on me near the bar. She seemed a little out of place, since she's an independent who mostly voted Democratic today.

This afternoon's seminar also went really well, and over the next few days I'll get the presentation and video online. :-)

I resisted the urge to go eat after leaving the radio station, or to pour some whisky when I got home. Though, I did just discover a new cask strength Glenlivet when I stopped by Felicia's to see how their "election night party" was going. I'll have to buy some soon. Time for bed. G'night!

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