Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Meeting Oliver

Originally uploaded by mhaithaca.
I got some more kitten time tonight, visiting Denise and Alex's after work to meet Oliver and spend some quality time with that horrendously neglected pre-existing cat, Heinlein. After spending much of his first day in his new home hiding in the litter box, Oliver is doing lots of bouncy exploring, and is intrigued by his surroundings. (Heinlein is not amused.)

After a while, he let me come up as he relaxed on the couch to scritch him. I even got to pick him up for a few minutes. My new, beardless user icon comes from the picture seity1 took of me holding Oliver.

Also got to check out the shiny new kegerator! Nope, no pictures of that. Sorry.

Finished watching last night's Saints-Steelers game; thanks to anyone who knew the results and didn't spoil it for me! Also, watching MNF live in HD. Couldn't care less about either team (I suppose I know more Panthers fans than Bucs fans) but I do like Monday Night.

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