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Tonight after the Accord meeting was one of those nights of great music that only comes along once in a while. Two of my favourite performers who play around town a lot were in the same place on the same night!

My friend Alan Rose opened the night at Juna's. He's played there before, but it's been a while! I think the last time I saw Alan play may have been at Musefest.

Alan committed the cardinal sin of music performance; he got hardly any sleep last night, after several hours standing outside the Pepsi Arena and then standing and singing along inside at the Bruce Springsteen show. But his voice was in fine shape, and he had a very good, if too short, set. I think a lot of the folks who came to see Sam will now keep an eye out for Alan, which is precisely the point of opening a show.

Sam Shaber took over from there, and played a marathon single-set show that was full of energy. She has a good instinct for varying the pace and tone of the show. It was nice to hear her perform "El Dorado" again live after a few months of mostly hearing the over-produced studio version on the new album. It's an excellent album, but it doesn't do justice to that one track.

It was also fun to chat with Elizabeth a bit, and I met her girlfriend, Stacy. They're so cute together. :-)

And since there was no interest in pizza at the meeting, I got a tuna melt and had some excellent hot chai.

If you don't yet have "Stripped Down Notions" or "Eighty Numbered Streets," the latest albums by Alan and Sam respectively, hop on over to their web sites to pick up a copy.

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