Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

No Mark tomorrow... (198.6)

Pourhouse BurgerI'm taking an all-day class on CSS web development tomorrow and Thursday, so I don't expect to be online, or reading or posting LJ, during the day for the next two days. I hope you'll be able to get by without me!

Speaking of classes, I had lunch at [info]Pita Pit with sketchingvenus today when she was done with her CommonSpot training at my building. I'm still feeling full.

Oddly, someone who saw this picture of my burger from last weekend's visit to [info]The Pourhouse in Trumansburg asked if she could use it to accompany an article about a woman complaining of finding maggots in a McDonald's hamburger. I responded, "I don't think it makes sense to use a photo of a delicious, handmade burger from a small, local restaurant along with an article about a contaminated fast-food burger. Surely you can find a McDonald's photo to use!"

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