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Done with my two-day CSS class. The instructor told us this morning we weren't likely to be in class past about 2:30, and at the end of the lunch break he commented that only once in twelve years has anyone complained about being let go early at the end of a course. That one actually complained to the company and got the instructor in trouble! Yeesh.

Getting up extra-early to get to work in time for 8:30am class two days in a row was no fun, and has left me pretty zonked. I didn't feel the need to leave when we were finished with class, but I probably won't stay until my usual 6 or 7 tonight! It's getting to the time of year where people cut out earlier and earlier at work anyway. Very little seems to get done at Cornell in December, especially once classes and finals end. In any event, I won't feel at all bad about not staying too late today.

Great dinner at the new [info]Dijon Bistro (crappy web site, great food) with Jim and Laura last night. More on that soon, probably in 14850_dining. Not a cheap place by any means, but well worth it for a special dinner. Jim and Laura insisted on treating me after the fact; I shouldn't complain, but I would've gone a little easier on pushing appetizers. :-) We were pretty, um, thorough.

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