Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

New razor

Finally tried that free Fusion razor that came in the mail almost a month ago. I mostly use an electric razor, but once in a while appreciate the cleaner shave of a more traditional safety razor. I used to use only Gillette Good News razors, but have used a Mach3 periodically since they sent me a free sample one of those a few years ago.

The Fusion isn't bad, but I'm not quite as impressed with its shave as I recall being with the Mach3 the first time I used it.

After a weekend of hockey and yesterday's all-day newscasting workshop, I was slow to get moving today, and I'm relaxing with some football as well as catching up on some web work, such as online restaurant gift certificate ordering for [info]Willow. I'll probably go to BFG tonight, even though it's not necessarily my type of music this week. It's the last live show until late January.

Go Patriots!

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