Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Yup, it's snowing...

I'm glad I went to tonight's BFG. Little Toby Walker is a fantastic blues guitarist with a great sense of humour; I knew it was a good idea to head over when I was listening to the first set on the radio at home, and he introduced the "members of the band" -- each finger -- as the "bass guitarist, rhythm guitarist, and lead guitarist," or something along those lines. One of his instruments was a steel guitar, which really sang under his fingers.

I was online briefly a couple of times during the show, and noticed my menubar weather thingy had a snow icon, so I wasn't too surprised when I walked outside after the show and it was snowing. It's just warm enough that I don't expect much to stick, though we could wake up to a white morning. The hills near campus were showing a dusting, as were a few cars.

This morning's breakfast plans were scuttled by a lack of eggs, or milk for cereal, so I stopped at the P&C on the way home to get those and a few other items. Noted a few things that are on sale that I'll stop in for again during the week, such as Doritos for upcoming holiday parties. :-)

I suppose a 24-hour store has to mop the floor by the doors sometime, and midnight's as good a time as any, but it was kind of disconcerting that the aisles heading from the cash registers to the door were blocked, and I had to walk around the produce section to exit through the propped-open emergency door next to the automatic sliding doors... which were deactivated.

Bed soon. I'm not even going to try to get to campus for the beginning of an 8:30 meeting (my hours officially start at 10, and Mondays are tough as it is thanks to BFG), but I do expect to get to some of the 17 hours of meetings scheduled this week with this visiting developer consultant. It just probably won't be the early morning ones.

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