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I was right...

The Gillette Fusion's shave isn't as impressive as the Mach3's shave. This weekend, I tried shaving with the Mach3, using a refill that's been used several times already over the last few months, and it beat the Fusion, hands down. The only thing missing from the Mach3 is the single blade on the reverse, and I didn't know I needed that until Gillette told me anyway.

Anna and SpaghettiPushed a couple of programs on my main TiVo's to-do list to the upstairs TiVo, and watched "Sunday Night Football" downstairs last night, after getting home from fun winery visits with J.C. and Will and CHFD spaghetti dinner with Dan and Marie and the kids. I can't tell you what a delight it is to watch the Cowboys suck! It was especially sweet this time, since they were playing the Saints.

McGregor Winery really has some outstanding wines on deck, judging by yesterday's Red Wine Barrel Tasting. As members of the McGregor Clan Club, J.C. and I get invitations to such events, and Will took advantage of the extra spot I'd reserved last month. (Jenna didn't come because she only drinks white wines.)

Wine by CandlelightThe tasting was of wines from their 2005 harvest, and as winery owner John McGregor told us, the yield was small but exceptional. There were a couple of really extraordinary wines that we got to taste, and it's tragic that they only have a barrel each of 2005 Merlot and 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon. Rather than try to bottle such a tiny amount, they'll just use those in their Rob Roy blend, though John did say they might do a very small Merlot bottling for their annual auction.

My palate has gotten to the point where I can generally get a very good idea from a young wine about what's in store down the road. The McGregor 2005 reds are already further along, and taste more "finished," than you'd expect at this point, but the Pinot Noir and Black Russian Red in particular show signs of being truly spectacular after a few more years.

I took advantage of the opportunity to buy a few bottles each of the 2005 Pinot Noir and the 2005 Black Russian Red, in advance. They offer members who attend the tasting a substantial discount off what they anticipate the retail price will be, and if you pay in full, shipping is free. I wish I could have afforded more! We also got to take home our January Clan Packs, the bimonthly shipment that most members are getting delivered to them next month. This one contains a Black Russian Red (the 2004), which I consider the absolute best Finger Lakes red wine, and a Rob Roy, their very good Bordeaux-style blend. These two bottles together are worth nearly half of what they charge for the whole year's club membership! I'll save them for a special dinner.

On the way back, we stopped at Lamoreaux Landing to visit Staci, who's the winemaker there. She led us downstairs and let us taste some of their 2005s straight from the barrel. The T23 Cabernet Franc is going to be great!

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