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Much as I love the Balvenie...

Why are they sending me e-mail in French about their new French web site?

This morning's dream was set at my parents' house, where we needed to test a new DVD player I'd just set up before we could walk to the restaurant for dinner. I can't even imagine why I would have been using a Garfield DVD, of all things, as a test! Never saw the movie, never wanted to. (I did always like the strip, and have several of the books, a few autographed.) Then we got ready to walk to the restaurant (not clear why we were walking), but I didn't get to enjoy the dinner out because that's when I managed to knock my alarm clock off my nightstand with my pillow, and woke up. Couldn't fall asleep again.

Not sure when this was, but there was also a dream e-mail from lesr. Luckily, there's no matching real one.

Good morning!

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