Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Hockey and hockey and hockey and food...

...these are a few of my favourite things!

The couch released its grip, and I headed up to The RINK to see seity1 and guinness_duck take the ice. willdevine joined me partway through the game, and we got to see the A&B Awards team hold its own for most of the game. Denise scored a terrific goal, and had a couple of assists, including one very key one.

Will and I were contemplating heading to Wendy's, but when Denise and Alex came out of the locker room, they announced Applebee's was the destination, so we tagged along. I was going to try the new bistro sirloin sandwich, but I asked the waitress how it was, and she said people seemed to like it, except that the only negative she was hearing was that there wasn't enough meat. Forget that! I had a burger, and asked for some of the roasted garlic asiago cheese sauce from the new sandwich. Tipped the waitress extra for the advice. She did pretty well overall, except for switching a couple of the beers around and mixing up everything on the split-up-by-customer check printout. We figured it out. :-)

Then back to The RINK for the late game, featuring keeyoo and sthenos on one team, and Joy and Tom (from work) and Meg on the other team. Ken had his Nikon D70 with him, so I got to chat with him during the game about the cameras I'm considering, as well as the new hockey rules this season.

I'm finally wound down, so it's time to get to bed! Lots of moving still to do tomorrow. G'night!

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