Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Safe travels...

A lot of today's news is about travelers stranded by the hundreds or thousands at Denver International Airport (thanks to major snowfall) and at Heathrow (thanks to freezing fog). Even if you're not flying into, out of, or through one of those airports, they could have a big impact on other flights throughout the U.S., the U.K., and Europe.

I hope everyone who's traveling over the next few days for the holidays gets where they're going safely and in a timely manner! It's scary to hear about the folks in Denver who're being told they probably won't get to their destinations until after the weekend, even though the airport is resuming flight operations in a few hours.

Bad weather's affecting a few more travelers, as Discovery is scheduled to land today. NASA hopes the shuttle can land at Kennedy Space Center in Florida (the best option), or Edwards AFB in California (more expensive in time and expense to ferry the spacecraft back to the east coast), but they may have to go with the third-choice White Sands in New Mexico, because they need to land today or tomorrow. If they land at White Sands, they'll have to fly the heavy equipment there to prep the shuttle for its trip home.

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