Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

The Queen of Tarts!

Baked goods!I've been taking pictures pretty much weekly during the reconstruction of the Coal Office, and finally the transformation is complete! The Queen of Tarts coffee shop opened this morning on Maple Avenue, and I stopped by after I was done with my news shift. Leslie (of Just Desserts fame) was delighted with the slide show I was able to show her on my laptop, and I took several more pictures today, including this one.

I had lots of trouble deciding among a chocolate croissant, ginger scone, or monkey bread, so I ended up buying all three. (Monkey bread -- I had to ask, too -- is a muffin-shaped pastry made from the ends they have to chop off the croissant dough, missed with cinnamon, brown sugar, and semisweet chocolate chips.) They're still learning how to make espresso drinks, so they didn't charge for my cappuccino this morning, but I also bought a cup of the Papua New Guinea dark roast from Gimme!, and a loaf of multigrain sourdough to go.

Definitely stop by and say hi, and buy a pastry or three and a cup of Gimme! Coffee. It's their first day, so be patient if they don't yet have the variety of teas they're planning on, but as far as I'm concerned they're already doing great!

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