Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

A nice theatre!

Since Hoyts sold out its opening night run of "The Two Towers" a week in advance, a bunch of us arranged to go see it last night at the Glen Theatre in Watkins Glen, a lake to the west (about 40 minutes away).

This is one of those fine old theatres that dates back to the vaudeville days, and it clearly has seen its share of live performances as well as quite a history of cinema. They usually show second-run movies, or start a movie a few weeks after it opens, and seats are usually $3. Last night's tickets were $5. They weren't quite sold out, but it was a reasonably packed auditorium!

I wish the rows of seats had been an inch or two farther apart, as there was no room for my knees behind the seat in front of me. Luckily, kinnerc was to one side, so I had a little leeway for at least one knee!

The film itself looked great on their nice clean screen, and the sound was exceptional. I wish Hoyts did half as well in either category.
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