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Once you enter this family...

If you've never had the opportunity to watch "The Sopranos," here's your chance! A&E is going to be broadcasting a cleaned-up version of the show (no foul language, and I'm assuming no nudity) with back-to-back episodes each Wednesday, starting with the first season tonight at 9pm EST. (Looks as though they are repeating it for other time zones; oddly, the web site says at 11:11pm EST and 1:22am EST. Check your local listings.)

The A&E web site has a good trailer, and you can see exclusive clips and interviews.

Always wondered what the big deal was, but didn't think it was worth paying for HBO or using Netflix to find out? I'd suggest giving "The Sopranos" a try this way. It's really one of the best television dramas of the last couple of decades, and it's entered into the collective consciousness in a way few other shows have in recent years. In the run-up to the start of the last season, HBO re-ran the entire series, so I watched it the whole way through last year. Even though it was produced over the course of nearly a decade, it holds up awfully well as a single story. Can't wait for the next (reportedly last) season.

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