Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

The morning tart report (203.0)

I'm really glad I resisted the impulse when I left the radio station to swing by Burger King or [info]Collegetown Bagels for a large and greasy breakfast sandwich featuring egg, bacon, cheese, etc. When I got to the Queen of Tarts, I found an absolutely fabulous new dark rye bread and new apple croissants.

While I let an apple croissant warm up on top of the fireplace, I tried a few tastes of the rye bread, and it really blew my mind. It would make an amazing sandwich, or would go really well with French onion soup or something similarly rich and flavourful.

Also tried a new drink, a mocha. It's a quad shot of espresso, steamed milk, and their own Dutch cocoa mixture. Rich and decadent, and no, I'm not going to have this too often! Yesterday's soy cappuccino, another experiment, is a more likely repeater. I like soy milk, so I wasn't surprised I enjoyed this. It wasn't significantly different from a regular cappuccino, and I know the soy milk is better for me than whole milk... even though my metabolism is such that the occasional whole milk isn't a problem.

Unless I get a really early start tomorrow morning (not impossible, since I've been getting up so early for four weeks now) I probably won't bother stopping at the Queen of Tarts on the way to the airport. Might satisfy my egg sandwich impulse there; they make fresh ones in the little cafe in the waiting area, and last year they added a part-time stand inside the secure area with pre-made breakfast sandwiches in a warmer. Not as bad as they could be. Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to hit LaGuardia early enough to take advantage of the improbably affordable breakfast deals at the food court there.

I guess I need a new cappuccino icon. Maybe later.

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