Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Loss leader? (200.0)

Flying four people from Ithaca to LaGuardia has to cost US Airways (in this case, Colgan Air dba US Airways Express) far more than the revenue they bring in... especially since for me, at least, it was a free flight.

It's not like they have a choice; if they don't fly us down, they have no plane at LaGuardia to take the next trip. And then they have to reroute people. Much more trouble than it's worth, so I'd imagine they think long and hard before cancelling a flight because it's empty.

Thank goodness I'm flying via NYC today. The Ithaca to Philadelphia mid-morning flight that I could also have taken was cancelled, because the earlier incoming PHL-ITH flight was cancelled. I didn't bother asking why. I also like the scenery better this way; we fly over the Hudson Valley and then eastern Westchester, and I was surprised how close we flew by the Westchester County Airport. I guess we were high enough that we were out of the way of their air traffic.

Just had a passable lunch of a "Reuben" (really a pressed flatbreadish sandwich with Reuben-like contents). Time to pay up and head back towards my gate; should be boarding in about 20 minutes.
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