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Apparently weather in the northeast is leading to air-traffic control delays; ATC is slowing down a lot of flights, so delays are piling up around the country. I got an automated call on my cell phone a couple of hours ago to tell me my flight from Greensboro to LaGuardia had been cancelled. We got to the airport shortly after that, and I've been rerouted via Philadelphia. That flight is already delayed an hour and a half leaving here, but that still leaves loads of time at PHL.

Of course, it's not impossible that more flights will get cancelled, in which case I may end up stuck in Greensboro or Philadelphia for the night. Either way, it's just as well I already told Jeff I wasn't going to be doing tomorrow morning's news! Even if I get home tonight, it'll be late.

Piedmont-Triad International Airport has really gone downhill. Most of the shops inside the secure area have vanished, and there's one food stand serving pre-made pizzas and made-long-ago sandwiches, next to a "Microbrew & Spirits" bar that has table stands at each table for Natty's Pale Ale. But they don't have any of that. The only thing they have on tap is Bud Light. No thanks.

lesr and Heather and Zachary and Riley and I hung out in the food court outside the secure area (I almost wish I were still there, where at least some of the food looked like it was made this afternoon) watching a bunch of planes land, take off, and taxi. They headed out a little while ago, and I went through security. It was fun talking to the security folks, who had spotted a water bottle in the bottom of a woman's backpack on the x-ray scan. They thought there was an apple in there, too, thanks to the fluted bottom of the water bottle.

I have a box of Cheerios I swiped from the Courtyard breakfast buffet this morning that I'll probably eat at some point, and then I'll get something more in Philly. Or maybe if I'm feeling daring, I'll go back out of the secure area to hit the food court.

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