Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

In other news...

Our first seriously wintry day, with ice and snow. Just an inch so far, with off-and-on snow showers overnight and earlier today, but we're likely to get four to seven inches by midday tomorrow. It's cold, with the temperatures dropping from the mid 20s to the high teens since I got up, but bright enough that the roads are now just wet, rather than icy. Still, allow some extra time if you need to drive anywhere, and please make sure to get all the snow off your car, including the windows and all lights, before you start.

This morning, I definitely appreciated my garage, since I could just hop in the car, warm it up for a moment, and drive off without having to do any scraping. Kara, who's filling in for the morning DJ for a couple of days this week, was griping about having to scrape a layer of ice off her car with a broken ice scraper.

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