Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I could get used to this...

I'm currently riding on Cornell's Campus-to-Campus Bus en route from Ithaca to New York City, for my mom's birthday dinner tonight. The C2C Bus has only three seats across instead of four, fewer rows than usual, airplane-like tray tables and headphone jacks at each seat, electric outlets at each seat, and... wireless Internet access. The on-board lavatory looks like it's big enough for an actual human to use, and next to that is a small galley with drinks (including a pod coffee maker) and munchies.

I was the last passenger on board, and ended up at this table for four near the back. (Slightly different than the picture; there are no cupholders in the table, and there's an open rack overhead, not closed bins.) My friend Sharon and her hubby are in the front of the bus, en route to a lecture tonight.

The weather's actually fine, but on the theory that in late January it might not be, I decided to give the bus trip a try. It's something I've been meaning to check out since they started it a couple of years ago, and I'm very impressed! It's not cheap, but at $149 for a round trip it's also not that out of line with other options, especially with gas prices mostly rising (this month's drop notwithstanding). Certainly cheaper than a flight to LaGuardia in most cases. And, as I'm combining tonight's family event with some work meetings at Weill Cornell Medical College, it's a work expense. :-)

Of course, one drawback that I thought of several days ago but forgot about until just now is that there's probably no lunch stop. Good thing there are snacks, and I brought a granola bar with me. Actually stopped at the Queen of Tarts for coffee and a scone before getting to the pickup point, so I'm good for now.

Wanna get a cup of coffee? I should have thought to suggest it earlier, but I'll have almost three hours to kill between our scheduled arrival at the Cornell Club at 3pm and my parents picking me up at 6pm. The Cornell Club is a couple of blocks from Grand Central, and if you're near there or feel like heading that way, and want to grab a drink, some coffee, or a bowl of soup, please ping me. I'm on AIM and can be reached by cell or txt.

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