Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Bus Adventures

Ha! The tray of fruit, granola bars, and candy just flew past me from the "galley" in the back of the bus. I picked up some of it, but there's still some fruit and stuff further up. The driver came to a pretty quick stop as we approached the railroad crossing in Richford. Isn't the stop at railroad crossings just required for school buses? I guess not a bad habit. He had commented when we were chatting before leaving NYC that the galley setup isn't very good. Guess he's right.

This evening's ride was a good bit bumpier than the ride down on Sunday, so it's been a lot harder to concentrate on the laptop and get stuff done. (Sharon, who was a little queasy on Sunday's ride, would have been very unhappy.) And the wireless flaked out about halfway up; I'm currently online thanks to my cell phone, now that it's after 9 and minutes are free.

It'll be nice to be home shortly; I've had a really good few days, but they were exhausting! I need another weekend. :-)

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