Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

So much for a short visit!

I was planning to swing by Wendy and Al's house briefly yesterday late afternoon to pick up three Tanglefoot CDs for a gift for today's party. En route, I dropped Joy and guinness_duck at Joy's place so they could go skating. Joy asked me to pick up an extra CD for her to give her mom. (Al is in the band, so I am often buying copies they have around the house, to foist off on people.)

So, I got there, and took off my boots so I wouldn't get the floor all wet, since Al was walking around in socks. "Come in, come in!" Had to go in and visit with the baby. Ashton's about nine months old. Also met Al's daughter Ali from his previous marriage, and then eventually his son Mark, who was napping downstairs. They all drove down from Ontario during that storm on the 25th!

Well, playing with the baby turned into joining them for dinner, then being ordered to stay while Wendy and Ali went and got fruit to make chocolate fondue for dessert.

My five minute visit had inadvertently turned into a wonderful five hour visit! But at least I got the CDs.

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