Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

I win!

Originally uploaded by mhaithaca.
Never mind the football teams, I'm the winner after a fun time at Ari and Sheila's with the kids, the dogs, and assorted friends. Here's Ella relaxing on my leg while we watched the game. The boys have grown quite a bit since I last saw them, and are lots of fun. Still easy enough for me to tell Aaron and Noah apart.

The game was actually a decent football game, which was a nice surprise. I honestly didn't particularly care about either team, though I have friends who were rooting for each. Just as well it wasn't a Saints vs Pats game, or I would have gone crazy!

Officially 1 degree in Ithaca; a little snow for the drive home, but an easy enough drive. I have a feeling the furnace will be working a lot tonight!

Bed soon.

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